My Story


Hi there, I'm Jen.

Through this blog I hope to share delicious and accessible gluten-free recipes, alongside my evolving love of food and lifestyle photography. 

I'm currently 12 years gluten-free and counting. After a gruelling stomach parasite that plagued me for a few years as a teenager, my ability to digest food was severely impaired. I eventually realised that foods such as pasta and bread were the key suspects causing me to feel awful, so, I cut them out and, over time, slowly recovered.

Two years after cutting out all gluten I was tested for coeliac disease. If you've been down this road yourself, you'll know that the tests rely on the patient continuing to consume gluten regularly, as they detect antibodies released by the immune system. I had no interest in eating gluten again for weeks to get a clear result, I already knew how ill it made me, and due to this, my test was inconclusive. My doctors and I agreed that it was best I just continue my gluten-free diet as it worked for me.



Since then, I've loved the process of planning and creating meals, learning how to live with specific dietary requirements and discovering ways to cook my favourite meals without gluten. This, coupled with being raised in a family of photography lovers, meant that I loved capturing those meals too. It's taken me more than a decade but I'm finally ready to transform my passion into my business.

I firmly believe that you don't have to compromise on taste or enjoyment of food if you follow a gluten-free diet. It's perfectly possible to enjoy big flavours, fine dining and even a bit of decadence while avoiding gluten. Just as importantly, it's really easy when you know how, and believe me, I have a lot of experience!


 Join me in discovering how you can improve your gluten-free culinary experience, because everyone deserves to love food!